We had a wonderful evening last night. After our meal, the children dressed up in hats, gloves, coats and scarves and headed out into the cool evening. We made our way to the edge of the perimeter fence at Dukes Barn and sat round in a circle. At the centre was a fire pit and Mrs Cloherty, with the help of Brendon lit a fire. It soon roared into life and kept the children warm. We sang campfire songs and toasted marshmallows for nearly an hour. After that the children headed into a large teepee for a story from Miss Chambers. It was a great end to a lovely day. Finally, the children got into their pyjamas and settled down to sleep. All was quiet by 9.15pm, much better than Monday evening! 
Today the children have got their final activity before meeting up with the other class for lunch. Then it will be time to head home. 


Day two of our adventure in Derbyshire. After what can only be described as a 'mixed' night of sleeping and chatting, the children prepared for a full day of activities. They got off to a good start with a hearty meal of cereals and a cooked breakfast of sausages, bacon and beans. This seemed to rejuvenate everyone and the groups headed off to their venue full of high spirits. Whilst one group went abseiling and another caving the Badgers group set off to the High Peak to go weaseling. Weaseling is best described as a scramble over, under and around rocks. Some of the passages between the rocks were very tiny and the children had to squeeze through them to complete the challenge. The children have impressed us with their determination and their willingness to have a go even when they have been unsure whether to join in with the activity. The weather was kind and so it was bright but cold but there was no sign of rain. 

After the children returned to Dukes Barn, they refuelled with sandwiches, cake and fruit before starting the afternoon activities. 

This evening the adults are planning a campfire with songs and hot chocolate which will hopefully end the evening with a tired group of children who will enjoy a longer sleep than Monday night.


We arrived at Duke's Barn in bright sunshine this morning. The coach driver found a quicker route through Derbyshire and we arrived nice and early. After a tour of the barn, the children had the task of making their beds including putting a duvet in a duvet cover. What a performance! There were duvets on the floor, on top of children's heads but definitely not inside a cover. After that challenge everything seemed to be straight forward. The children had their packet lunch and a run round outside before heading off to the first activity. With the sun still shining brightly showing off the beautiful Autumn colours one group set off to absail off a railway bridge down into a valley with a fast flowing river. At first some of the children were a bit apprehensive but, with encouragement, they conquered their fears and stepped off the bridge into thin air. Some even managed to do it in pairs, encouraging each other as they went. As usual for Duke's Barn, the instructors were very good, making sure everyone was safe before starting the activity. There was planets of opportunity to have more than one go. 
Then the groups returned for tea before having some free time to use the facilities in the barn, including a table football machine and the use of a snooker table. 
All in all a great first day. 
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