Dear Parents,


Welcome back to school after the Christmas break. I hope you had a good holiday and avoided the nasty flu bugs going round at the moment.


We had a great first week back The launch of the library was the main event with the children enjoying a day of books on Wednesday. All the Key Stage 2 children have now got a log on to Reading Cloud a computer programme that allows them to take out two books at a time. It means that we can keep a track of the books and also see that the children are choosing a range of material rather than sticking to one or two authors or genres.


On Friday we had the official opening with Mrs Nicky Morgan MP and the Mayor of Charnwood, Councillor Pauline Ranson on hand to cut the ribbon and slice the book shaped cake. Both our visitors commented on how well the children chosen to show them round spoke and explained about the library. Well done to all those children!


So, next week the library will be open both during the normal school day and after school on Tuesday between 3.15pm and 3.50pm. We have a new member of staff, Mrs Alison Shipway who is responsible for the library and she will be on hand on Tuesday to help the children choose books and answer questions. Mrs Crown will be helping her as well. Please come along to share books and enjoy our new library. 


Mark Maksymiw (Headteacher)

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Dear Parents,


We have got a busy week ahead of us. There are plays to be performed and dinners to be eaten as well as carols to be sung! Below is a list of events and times to just remind you of everything happening at school this week. 

Monday 11th December

Foundation Stage Performance at 2.00pm
Year 2 Performance 6.00pm—CANCELLED
Rescheduled to Thursday 14th December
Tuesday 12th December
Foundation Stage Performance at 9.30pm
Year 2 Performance 6.00pm
Wednesday 13th December
Year 1 Carol Concert 5.30pm
Whole school Cinema Visit—please arrive on time as leaving straight after registration
Thursday 14th December
School Christmas Dinner – Wear your
Christmas jumpers to school if you want to.

Year 2 Performance 6.00pm


Also don’t forget that there are two further events before Christmas—





Monday 18th


Carols round the Christmas Tree 9.30am and 2pm

Year 1 Performance at

The Good Shepherd






The children have been working hard and I know they are excited about performing in front of an audience in the next two weeks. Can I just remind you of the school’s policy on taking photographs of children whilst they are performing. If you take a photograph please ensure that it is not shared on social media. It is very difficult to get a shot showing only one child and you may inadvertently include other children in the photograph you post online. Some parents do not want their children appearing on Facebook and other platforms. Thank you for your help in this matter.


This will be the last newsletter I will send out before the end of term. Can I just take this opportunity to wish all the best to those families celebrating Christmas . I hope you all have an exciting time with family and friends.


Mr M Maksymiw





Dear Parents,


I wanted to let you know the results of the parent questionnaire that was sent out in October. First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to let us know their opinions about two topics; charging for trips and the care of the pupils whilst at school. It is always really useful for staff and governors to get feedback from parents.


So, to the first question about contributions for school trips. At the moment we ask for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of school visits. This is often not the full cost as we are given funds from the Friends group or the school will pay for a portion of the trip. However, it is true that we could not organise as many trips without the support of parents. I am pleased to report that an overwhelming majority of parents thought that school trips were ‘always’ worthwhile and added to the education of their children. However, the question about whether parents would be prepared to pay a fixed amount at the beginning of the year was less well received. In fact, a majority of parents would prefer to keep the system as it is and therefore we will continue to ask for a contribution on a trip by trip basis.


The second set of questions were about the safety and care of your children whilst at school. I believe that your child’s welfare is at the forefront of all the staff from the people who work in the office to the teachers and classroom support staff. I am pleased to report that all the parents (who expressed a preference) ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ with the statement, ‘My child is well looked after at school.’ A similar percentage of parents responded positively to the question about how the school follows up with any concerns that you raise. A few parents reported that they ‘didn’t know’ presumably because they hadn’t had any concerns.


There were two connected questions about whether children were happy at school and whether they felt safe. In both cases parents were equally positive. Over ¾ of parents ‘strongly agreed’ with the statement, ‘My child is happy to come to school.’ When taken with the percentage who ‘agreed’ with the statement over 99% of parents made a positive response.


There were one or two parents who were not as positive because of particular issues. Unfortunately, because the questionnaire was anonymous I cannot identify who those parents are. I would urge anyone with specific issues to get in touch with their child’s class teacher or come and see me to try to sort out any problems they have.


Overall then I am pleased to report an overwhelmingly positive response to the questionnaire. We will be asking you to complete a further questionnaire in the Spring Term and I hope that we get a similar number of parents completing it. Thank you!


Mark Maksymiw (Headteacher)

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Dear Parents,


We are finally approaching the time when our new website will be launched. I hope you like the new look and the way it is designed. I think it is easier to navigate around the pages on the site to find the things you need.


We have also included two new features and they are a Twitter feed and a Facebook page. The purpose of the Twitter feed is to keep you informed about news and events at school. We aim to post information regularly during the week about activities the children get involved with during the school day and beyond. The Facebook page has one purpose and this is to let you see pictures of the children (unnamed of course) at  events such a sports tournaments or when we have something special happening at school. There will be a link from the website under the title ‘Gallery’ that will automatically take you to our Facebook page. We have set the page up so that it is as locked down as far as possible. Comments cannot be left on the page or shared about the photographs. It is simply a way of viewing the pictures. The page is as secure as the website but I realise that some parents might be happy to see pictures of their child on the website but not on a Facebook page, even one that we have made as secure as we can. If this is the case and you DON’T want your child’s image on the Facebook page, please let us know by filling the form in below. If you are happy to allow your child to be shown on the page then you do not have to do anything.


Meanwhile, I will let you know the exact launch date as soon as it is confirmed.


Mark Maksymiw (Headteacher)

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Dear Parents,
Rehearsals for the Christmas performances have begun and I wanted to confirm the dates for you. Please note that Year 1 and Year 2 will be performing separately this year.
The Foundation Stage production of A King is Born (2pm 11.12.17 & 9.30am 12.12.17)
The Year 1 production of a Nativity 18.12.17 1pm at The Good Shepherd
The Year 2 production of Aliens at Christmas (11.12.17 6pm & 12.12.17 6pm)
The Key Stage 2 Carols round the Christmas Tree (18.12.17 9.30am & 2pm)
Further information will be available shortly.
Mark Maksymiw (Headteacher)

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