The school’s ethos and values are encapsulated in the key phrase that accompanies our new logo. The strapline encapsulates three features of the school that informs the way we work with the children and school family. Firstly, Outwoods Edge serves a diverse community and we recognise that children come to school with different needs, experiences and expectations. Therefore every day in school is important to ensure that all children develop a love of learning and a belief in themselves that they can succeed. Finally, one of our key goals is to ensure that children are equipped to continue this success at secondary school and that they develop the ambition and drive to aim high when they look to the future.

The School Strategy 2015-2020

Learning Environment

By using resources both from within and outside the school, Outwoods Edge aims to maintain a Learning Environment that is safe and promotes learning. Staff will be encouraged to use the available space in a flexible and imaginative way. The school and grounds will be well maintained with up to date equipment and resources. There will be a particular emphasis on ICT. This will enable children to develop skills fit for living and working in Britain in the 21st Century.

Teaching & Learning

Children will be inspired by their lessons at Outwoods Edge. Outstanding teaching will engage all children. The lessons will form a broad and balanced curriculum, one that utilises the school’s environment and opportunities for learning further afield. Children will master the key skills set out in the National Curriculum but also develop the knowledge and understanding to flourish in modern day Britain. Teachers will always strive to engage everyone so that each child makes outstanding progress with their learning.

Financial Management

Through sound financial management, Outwoods Edge seeks to maximize the resources available to its children and staff, and support the whole learning environment, whilst ensuring the long-term stability of the school. We seek to strike a balance between meeting the immediate needs of the children, with the investments required to improve the facilities and equipment available in the longer-term, and we continually look for efficiencies which will allow the release of further funds to support the development plan. It is our 5-year goal to ensure that the school continues to ring-fence an amount equal to the school’s reserves policy (currently £70,000), and that all other funds are spent (or committed) in the support of the development plan.


At Outwoods Edge, our children & staff are a valued part of the local community. Children, parents and staff participate in community activities, whether for the benefit of the school or for the benefit of other organisations. When children are out in the community, they represent our school well and are often praised for their behaviour by members of the community. School trips often make use of the local area and they enhance the learning experience of the children. They provide a valuable insight into the community that is around the children.


At Outwoods Edge we will employ the best staff to meet the needs of the children and the school. Those who work here can look forward to a comprehensive professional development programme to enable them to plan and deliver outstanding learning opportunities for the children. Outstanding practice will be identified and shared across the school and with our partner schools in the LPAP group. All staff will be encouraged to evaluate the contribution they can make to the ongoing success of Outwoods Edge where innovation and creativity is welcomed.


At Outwoods Edge we work to encourage the well-being of all pupils. Taking well-being as an approach to support physical, emotional and educational development, we will use appropriate strategies widely in school, as well as individual interventions where necessary, to help provide the best start to life for every child. We will ensure that school is a safe, supportive and secure environment with opportunities for children to learn about keeping themselves healthy.

The School Development Plan for 2015/6

The following five priorities have been identified for this year. They are the key areas of work for the school for the forthcoming year. They fit into the Strategic Plan in the following ways

·         Organisation and continuity  To ensure that the proposed changes to school roles and responsibilities and to the building are effectively established and promote quality first teaching and learning


·         Assessment - To review and implement changes to our assessment procedures to ensure that we are meeting our statutory responsibilities and ensuring that we have an assessment framework to enable formative and summative assessments of children’s learning

STRATEGY STRAND – Teaching and Learning

·         Food Technology and Enhanced Healthy Schools Award -To implement the changes of the new National Curriculum for Food Technology through our revised skills based curriculum by:

STRATEGY STRAND – Teaching and Learning, Wellbeing

·         Computing - Computing will be taught confidently across the school and embedded across the wider curriculum. (Evidence – feedback from staff after each unit, IT to be used in two lessons every week by the beginning of the Spring Term)

STRATEGY STRAND – Teaching and Learning, Learning Environment, Financial Management

·         Talk for Writing – Refine and develop the school’s current Talk for Writing practice to ensure continuity and progress across the school.


STRATEGY STRAND – Teaching and Learning

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