Well, Hazel finally arrived at Duke's Barn! We enjoyed lunch in the sunny courtyard and had a tour of our fantastic accommodation. We successfully made our beds, after learning some new tricks to get the duvet on, and got ready for our first activities. The Badgers explored, scrambled and conquered their fears whilst caving; the Foxes persevered and all abseiled from a bridge in a beautiful location and the Owls 'weaseled' their way around Higger Tor. All are now in bed and (almost) asleep.

We've made it - and doesn't the Welsh countryside know it! So far we've had an excitable, rambunctious and energetic start to the trip but the children have been superb. 

The vast majority of the children have discovered an interesting way of shaking off that long journey lag - a refreshing gorge walk along a 'cool' Welsh stream which many described as the most exhilarating adventure playground they've visited. 

Having warmed ourselves and enjoyed a hearty dinner, the children are now tidying (yes the rooms need tidying) their rooms ready for inspection and dressing ready for a night walk. Fingers crossed the beautiful blue skies stay clear to allow us a stunning display of the night sky, complete with some shooting stars - the nights can be very dark around here thanks to our location. 

A few pictures from today are available in the gallery section of this website. 


Here you will find all the latest photos of our P.E lessons in school.


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